Original Command & Conquer avilable for FREE download

Command & Conquer released as a free download!
If you spent way too many hours playing the original Command & Conquer like I did, this will be worth your time to read!

C&C box
Electronic Arts is celebrating the 12 year anniversary of Command & Conquer (C&C), which basically invented the popular genre we all know today called Real Time Strategy.

I actually had the original DOS version of C&C, with its super cool custom installer, but since probably nobody these days still runs DOS, the original version was ported to Windows and that’s what’s available for FREE now. You just head to their site and grab the ISO images, which can be burned with Nero of any number of other burning tools, and off you go to battle Kane and the forces of NOD. Of course, you can always play NOD, since each side is on its own disc, and fight against the goodie-two-shoes GDI 😀

Go grab the free download of Command & Conquer and prepare for the tank rush! Be sure to check-out the latest version, C&C 3: Tiberium Wars which is supposedly very true to the original but with updated 3D graphics.

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