Cube prank: Locking the door is not enough

Office prank covered everything in foil
Here’s the shiny results of some dedicated pranksters who wanted to celebrate their boss’s 40th birthday.
The boss thought that he’d be safe when he locked his office door leaving the night before his 40th birthday, but he didn’t count on the dedication of a couple of his employees. These clever pranksters climbed through the ceiling panels to gain access to his locked office where they proceeded to cover everything avaialble with aluminum foil. Click the photo to see the results of this fine prank – it turned-out pretty good I think!

Office prank covered everything in foil

3 thoughts on “Cube prank: Locking the door is not enough”

  1. NICE! I recently saw a picture of one where someone did the same thing but with newspaper. I, of course, am now trying to figure out who’s birthday is next.

  2. Ah, that is awesome. They must have used a hell of a lot of tin foil. On the bright side, you don’t need a tin foil hat, when you have a tin foil office. I’ve been really wanting to play a prank on someone in our office, but sadly I don’t think anyone would take it that well.

  3. Yeah, I’d guess there’s at least a couple large rolls of foil used in that prank! You probably don’t want to use a cellphone in that room or the emitted radiation will beam your body.

    Sadly, having fun at work like that is something that’s not very common and depends largely on the people’s attitude towards being at work. If you work with a bunch of squares, they will indeed get upset if you try something like this 🙁

    If you do prank someone, Jon, be sure to take pics and let me know! 😀

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