Q: Do I have to register to post comments in the blog (main page content)?
A: No. You can post comments anytime without registering, logging-in, etc. Just fill the boxes out and you’re all set.

Q: Why is my e-mail requested when posting a blog comment?
A: It’s requested because that’s the default behavior of the blog software and I didn’t feel it was a big enough issue to worry about. I don’t even look at the e-mails and certainly never sell, loan, or give them away (I probably hate spam more than you!) If you’re especially paranoid, I can give you a little secret: use a fake e-mail…

Q: Your site is awesome. I’m looking to spend lots of money to buy a site and I think micsaund.com might be the one. Is it for sale?
A: Yes – my motto is “everything is for sale”. I’d probably even let it go for a little less than its appraised value of $5,000,000 USD – just contact me! ;^)

Q: Your site’s layout is all messed-up when I use a very small browser window. What’s wrong?
A: Either make your browser a reasonable size or buy a computer display that can do more than 640×480 (this is the year 2007 after all…)

Q: Things look odd for me in browser XXX – what is wrong?
A: I do most of my surfing using FireFox (see the link in the upper left of my pages) and consequently, most testing of this site is also done in FF. I load it up periodically in Internet Explorer just to see that things look reasonably OK, but I don’t exhaustively test it. I don’t own Opera and I sold my Mac, so I cannot test on Safari. I also periodically check from Linux/Solaris Mozilla/FF also. If you spot something really bad about the layout in one of these browsers, drop me a line via the Contact Page and I’ll see what I can do.