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  1. Mike! I’m a huge fan of the Indiana Jones Adventure pinball machine! I would like one of my own but I’m having the hardest time finding one online! Do you know of somewhere where I can get a deal? Or are you selling yours? Help me out!

  2. O.k. I have to ask if your last name is Saunders…mine is, Hubby is Michael. I saw your name in RADP and started to laugh. My husband only tolerates Disney, I Love it! So I know this is not his site!!

  3. I have an Indiana Jones pinball machine but I lost the key.How can I get a duplicate?

  4. Dan: The easiest/cheapest solution is to just buy new locks for the machine. If you know the lock code, you can see if a locksmith can look the key up and make you one, but you may not have that information (it’s usually stamped on the key itself).

  5. Thanks for the advice on my lock problem. I was able pick the lock and now will replace the lock. However I have another problem. I changed the batteries behind the glass and when I turned it on again it says to insert coin for play.How do I get it back to free play?

  6. Dan: go into the operator’s menu and find the option that sets the price and set it to Free. If you have the manual, it will also show you a rough “layout” of the menu structure, but if not, just work your way through until you find it. You’ll also discover lots of things about your machine that you may want to fiddle with later.

  7. Hey Mike,

    I googled upon your website as a fellow IJ pinball owner. I’m having an issue with my machine that I thought maybe you could have an answer for. Whenever both the left and right flipper are pressed simultaneously in game, the machine resets itself. Do you have any ideas on what would cause this, I’ve maintained the machine for 4 years now, and this has only happened of late. Thanks for any advice.


  8. Hi there Mike,

    I’ve got a couple of questions for you. Firstly, have you disabled the forums feature on your website? I can’t seem to find it anymore and when I click on you forum link, it’s not really there…

    Can I also ask you a troubleshooting question please.

    After having my indy pinball for about 8 months now, a problem has just started whereby the pinball gets stuck at the place below the pop bumbers and to the left – resting near the corner where if it travels another 2 cms, it will travel down the left loop. It’s only a new problem, I cleaned and polished that area (without removing the ramp) but it still happens.

    Thanks for your cool website. It’s a shame if all this jumk mail flying around has caused you to reconsider your site.


    Nahim Salem (Australia)

  9. Hello. When playing my game it adds sometimes another player, 2 or 3, when I only pressed the start button once. I checked all wires and can’t find out why this is occurring. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Cheers, Tony

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