Rice racer with a roof scoop?

This rice racer has a ROOF SCOOP!
Just where is that scoop on the roof of this rice racer pushing air to in this front-engined car?

Here’s a bit of silliness spotted by a friend. This Subaru WRX not only has the typical hood scoop, but the owner has somehow figured that his car would look faster if it also had an intake scoop on the roof! As you can see in the photo, the scoop doesn’t appear to go anywhere as you can see light coming through. And, isn’t the Subaru a front-engine car, hence the hood scoop?

Yep, more bolt-on silliness from the rice-racer scene in Colorado. Oh, and I like how he formed the license plate around the bumper rather than purchase the proper holder. Or maybe driving fast caused the plate to bend! Slap a Type-R sticker on that bad boy and you’ll have the fastest looking car around, well maybe except for the Geo Metro rice racer I wrote about some time ago.

Click the image below for a larger version in all it’s bolt-on accessory goodness.

This rice racer has a ROOF SCOOP!

Thanks for the pic, Al!

2 thoughts on “Rice racer with a roof scoop?”

  1. Roof scoops take air into the cabin of the car to keep the driver cool, because race cars don’t have air conditioning. It is typically found on rally cars, like a WRX. Do some research before you start bashing someone.

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