It’s a Geo Metro, but thinks it’s a truck or a rice-racer

Odd Metro 2
I’ve never seen a Metro quite like this…
I was in Boulder, Colorado for a seminar recently and I saw this Geo Metro when I parked. Originally, I saw the odd, home-made looking “scoop” which was enough to attract me with my new Motorola E815 EV-DO Phone (Verizon Wireless) (situations like this are exactly why I wanted a camera phone).

Once I got closer, I saw the semi-truck style custom exhaust pipes, not to mention the cluster of add-on after-market gauges stuck all around the steering wheel…

I’ve seen sites with the rice-racer type Honda Civics and Mitsubishi Lancers, all sporting over-size whale tails, fart cannons, and ground effects attempting to mask the fact that the car is the total base-model 4-cylinder cheapie with a Type-R sticker cleverly applied. However, I’ve never seen the combination of semi-truck (or I guess, “hot rod” truck pipes) with a very strange, ricer style PVC-pipe looking scoop.

This is definitely not the worst looking “street racing” type mod-job I’ve seen (the owner obviously takes pride in the clean paint and style) yet the various pieces of the whole car just didn’t seem to fit together. Maybe this thing really hauls ass, I don’t know.

Odd Metro 2 Odd Metro 1

8 thoughts on “It’s a Geo Metro, but thinks it’s a truck or a rice-racer”

  1. Hmmm, well I have a Geo Metro. Stock theyre a 1 liter 3 cylinder with 50 hp. But with how light it is thats all you need. Me and a friend had to move it and we didnt have keys so we picked the thing up and scooted it over, I can actually lift the transmission out with my bare hands 🙂 Its quite light, so if someone with enogh time on their hands decided to build a Ricer out of it, I would say you could do all sorts of stuff under the hood. and a BIG exzhaust wont hurt. They actually have a decent supercharger kit for that thing and with just 130 Horses it could make quarter mile times close to a car twice its size just because of weight and because it’s small that thing can rev like a motorcycle engine. to about 10,000 rpms ha ha that guy must be havin fun

  2. hehe yeah if he’s actually using the HP/weight ratio, he’s probably kicking ass. If he’s like most ricers, though, it’s probably all about show and no go…

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