Build your own classic computer

Replica kit lets you build an Apple 1
These kits will let you build a replica Apple 1, ELF2K, and micro-Kim and re-live the glory days when computers weren’t just something you bought off a shelf.

If you’re nostalgic about very early era computers or perhaps you just want to learn a bit about basic computer architecture, these kits will be for you!

DIY kit to build a Micro-Kim retro computer
There are a few kits available, the most reconizable being the original Apple 1. I have to admit that I’m not at all familiar with the other two, the Kim-1 (Micro Kim) and Cosmac ELF (ELF 2k) since I was just a bit too young to be involved in those very, very early groundbreaking days of the personal computer.

If you’re just looking to learn about computer architecture, these kits are perfect. They use simple memory interfacing and have a very basic design devoid of all the bells and whistles packed into any modern design. You can get a bit of “on the metal” machine coding skills for a 6502 or whatever other geeky nugget of knowledge you hope to extract.

You’ll find information on memory maps, circuit diagrams, and programming info for all of the kits. They all use through-hole mounting so the assembly and soldering should be pretty easy for nearly anyone.

Links to the DIY kits:

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  1. Somebody may take my lunch money tomorrow, but I will go ahead and admit, that is sweet. Would be a great project this winter when it is cold out and I am too lazy to shovel snow.

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