Play pinball in the first-person!

This pinball machine is elevated so you play at eye level
Well, I guess you usually play in the first person, but not quite like this!
Here’s a very strange idea. It’s called the Furminator and is basically a standard pinball machine that’s mounted at eye level so that you can stick your head behind the flippers when you play. Thus, the ball is racing straight for your face in the drain area.

I think that it would be difficult to play some machines from this vantage point and you’d probably have trouble applying any body english to control the ball, but it definitely gets high marks for being an original idea! I’d imagine that with the correct game (meaning the right setup of ramps, toys, and other typical pinball goodies) it could be pretty fun to play.

There are some videos and stuff that you can check-out at the Furminator site. Just don’t ask me what all the crazy punctuation symbols are all over for…

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