Big crime in the top rated city of Fort Collins, Colorado

Police car
Yes, Dorothy, even the #1 rated town of Fort Collins can have issues.

Allright – maybe it’s not a big crime and actually I find it more funny than anything. I live in Fort Collins, CO which is a smallish college town in northern Colorado. The town is very often rated a “top place to live” in some major list every year. For example, the last list, produced by CNN Money, declared the town the #1 place to live.

So, I found it amusing when I saw the car in the photos below. This old Explorer has been sitting on a corner that I drive-by daily for over a month. Presumably, it’s for sale although you wouldn’t know it due to the lack of obvious signs. However, from time to time, I’ve seen people who stopped and were inspecting it. Nothing out of the ordinary.

That is, until this past weekend. Apparently, the stock wheels that the Explorer had are a valuable commodity. As I drove to work on Monday, I saw the now-common sight of the white car sitting on the corner. As I approached it, however, I noticed that the wheels were missing. Somebody stole the stock wheels and left it sitting in the dirt!

As if that isn’t funny enough, apparently the genius(es) who perpetrated this heinous crime in the fine city of Fort Collins, weren’t paying enough attention and let the car fall onto the jack they were using, which can still be seen sitting under the front “wheel”. I guess that nothing is free and they paid for the wheels with the jack.

The wheels were stolen! The wheels were stolen! The wheels were stolen!

For more Colorado car craziness, check this article.

One thought on “Big crime in the top rated city of Fort Collins, Colorado”

  1. nice town is ft.collins. i lived there years ago and remember it fondly. ft.collins hs grad 1966. but have not been back to ft. collins since i left in 68. since then was in army, worked for state of me, and became disabled and went back to school (university of me). in 66 my father was rural state defense director for state of co. with offices at csu. wish i could go back for a visit. bng.

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