Amazing video of a single man moving over 9 tons by himself

He’s trying to figure-out the techniques used to build Stonehenge and other ancient marvels.

Wally Wallington is an amazing guy. In this video, you’ll see him apply extremely basic principles of physics to move gigantic concrete stones in an attempt to re-create the raising of ancient marvels such as the Egyptian obelisks or the mysterious Stonehenge pillars. For good measure, he even moved a neighbor’s full-sized barn over 300 feet.

It’s incredible how much effort has been put into trying to figure-out the building techniques of the ancient Egyptians and yet very few of the theories have come as close as what is shown in this video. Wally shows that maybe it didn’t take alien intervention but rather good old common sense and basic physics, along with plenty of manpower, to build the monumentous structures that still grace us over 3000 year later.

Wally’s own site is available here and has more videos and stuff, but some of it apparently only works in IE and not Firefox, so beware.

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