Disappearing colored bubbles that took 11 years to create

Blue Zubble bubble
Ever looked at those bottles of bubble solution that kids play with and wondered why nobody has made colored bubbles? Apparently it’s much, much harder than I assumed.

I never would have thought that creating a colored bubble solution which disappears and does not stain would be such a challenge. It took one man plus a hired chemist $500,000 and 11 years to pull-off! This story gives a somewhat in-depth look at just how much work it took to create the disappearing colored bubbles.

As I read the story, I found the bit about how he had created a “washable” colored bubble and was testing it with kids and then realized that washable was not enough – the kids, sidewalk and dog were all blotched with the remnants of the bubbles – very funny. It’s one of those “yeah, I guess that would be a problem” type things that’s not immediately obvious.

The initial product, the children’s (and adult’s!) toy will be called Zubbles. However, the concept of a disappearing dye opens-up some interesting ideas from temporary hair dye to paints that fade so you can see if you like a particular color in your house.

Now that you know the work involved in creating Zubbles, you’ll be able to fully appreciate just how cool such a simple thing is!

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