Cool site shows housing value, satellite maps, and more

I stumbled across a site tonight which has some pretty cool information on housing prices, satellite photos, square footages, and more. Ever wondered what your neighbors paid for their house? Time to check!

Apparently, is raising some eyebrows around the real-estate circles. Using their site, you can get pretty detailed information on your house, general housing areas, appreciation graphs, and more. I’d guess that appraisers and other people who make a luxurious living off of the various scams involved with buying and selling homes might stand to lose the most if the info is accurate.

2 thoughts on “Cool site shows housing value, satellite maps, and more”

  1. Usually I’m sceptical about the quality of the data presented by
    these types of sites but I spent some time cross checking various
    actual real estate transactions in my area and in almost every case
    the numbers they reported for sales prices were accurate.

    It’s actually not surprising that this data should be accurate
    since almost every “conforming” loan that is processed in this
    country in some way goes through government backed companies such
    as fannie mae and freddie mac. Not to mention the data in the various
    nationwide Multiple Listing Service (MLS) databases. Which most people
    only think of as forward looking but it contains historical data as
    well for realitors. Just ask any decent realitor in your area and
    they can give you quarterly and monthly reports of sales data.
    Therefore all this data is available but usually not packaged as
    zillow has done.

    For example, the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight
    (OFHEO uses this data to track housing prices with
    something they call the “house price index”. They track appreciation
    rates for major metropolitan areas, states and the national level.
    The really nice thing about zillow is that they have presented the
    data at a finer level of detail.

  2. The prices are not at all accurate- for my community and surrounding area, they are 30% off the correct appraisal prices. Rather than using recent sales databases, this site bases its prices on square footage and is completely off!

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