Does your job offer these kinds of perks?

Do you like to play foosball, take tennis lessons, or hole-up with an Xbox to play some games? Would you like to get paid for doing those activities as well? Read-on if so…

Well, maybe I should say that you don’t get paid to do these fun things technically, but you can do them while at work which is the next best thing! For example:

Google lets you spend 20% of your time working on pet projects (1 day per week).

Pixar lets you do pretty much anything to your workspace that you like as well as having on-site Penn and Teller shows.

There are a total of 7 companies listed with the various perks for each. I love how they list Merck having cable TV in the cafeteria as a “signature perk”. Not exactly the kind of “perk” that I’d choose to headline instead of the on-site auto service or bakery 😉

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