First in-tact Egyptian tomb found since 1922

King Tut coffin
Archeologists have found the first in-tact tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings since 1922.

While not a pharoah’s tomb, with all of the gold and goodies you’d typically associate with a tomb, this find is still very significant and creates excitement that more might be found in the previously-thought fully-explored valley. The tomb contains several sarcophogi, pots, and other material which may also indicate that it was used for storage. This news story has more details, although it’s still pretty light due to the Egyptian officials being tight-lipped for some reason.

I’ve always thought that ancient Egyptian history was one of the most interesting things to study, at least as far as history goes. Many years ago (gasp – maybe more than 27 years ago!) I went to the King Tut exhibit when it made a stop in Denver. I can still remember the splendid gold artifacts, stone carvings, and just the overall sense of wonder that I was looking at things made over 2,000 years ago.

It appears that the King Tut exhibit, or more likely, a reduced version, is on tour again. This will be the first time in over 27 years that the Tut artifacts have been made available in the USA. Unfortunately, I’m nowhere near any of the sites where it will be stopping, but if you’re near Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Philadelphia, or London (really far away from me! 😉 ) you are in-luck, although you might have to wait awhile. The Tut exhibit’s site has dates, photos, info, and more. If you are able to go see this, feel free to let me/us know how it was. A few more pics of the exhibit are available in this slide-show also.

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