Photos of a Volvo XC90 built of Legos in Vail

Lego Volvo left
Here are a few photos of a Lego Volvo XC90 I took in Vail.

I was in Vail (Lionshead to be exact) for Christmas and saw this Lego rendition of the Volvo XC90. It appears to be built on an actual chassis as the wheels and brakes were real. However, I could not tell exactly how the body was “Legofied” – whether the Legos were applied to the exterior of the car, contouring the surface, or if the body panels had been removed and replaced with Lego versions.

The reflected sunlight from the snow created a very bright environment that my new Motorola e815 camera phone didn’t like a whole lot, hence the haze, but they still turned-out well enough to see what’s going-on.

Click for larger images:
Lego Volvo left Lego Volvo right Lego Volvo rear

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