PBS show: The Video Game Revolution

Arcade image from PBS
I just found-out about a show that PBS produced called The Video Game Revolution which chronicles the history of video games all the back to their basic roots in the 1960s.

There is some interesting trivia, videos, wallpapers, and other classic-game-goodies to be found around the site. I must give PBS credit for designing a visually appealing, fast, fun site — none of the usual “have to wait 3 seconds for a Flash fade-in each time I click” like many sites these days use. Nice job, PBS!

Naturally, since I live in the non-video game cowboy/redneck area of the country (Colorado), there is not much interest in such things, so neither local PBS channel is airing the show (we never got Videotopia either), but perhaps you can be much luckier! If you do happen to catch the show, please leave a comment here on how you liked it, how “deep” it was, and whether it would be worth purchasing.

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