Unreleased Windows Vista already receiving security patches

Windows Vista Logo
Windows Vista Logo
This is NOT shocking in the least, but Microsoft is already patching Windows Vista FOR THE SAME .wmf flaws that are present on XP/etc.!

Something tells me that when you spend all your money to upgrade to a “Vista-capable” machine, all you’re going to be doing is giving the spyware/malware/virus/suckware/shovelware vendors even beefier hardware to run their trash on.

When is MS going to realize that most of us would trade EVERY new “feature” that will be in Vista for an OS that does not need to be re-installed annually (best case) and patched constantly? Put the effort from worthless new user interface geegaws into security instead — and not the kind of BS security (DRM) that only serves to “protect” the “rights” of companies to make money. Learn the concepts of user based permissions (/cough like Unix or any other modern OS /cough) so that the OS areas are NOT writable all the time when they don’t need to be. Learn that the average user does NOT need dozens of worthless services running by default which serve only to consume system resources and offer holes for malware to enter.

If Windows security was a boat, it would be like those things you see Cuban refugees floating on when they try to escape Cuba — pieces of trash and old junk hastily and shoddily thrown together to form something somewhat functional but of entirely dubious reliability and quality. Wow, pretty good analogy to Windows “security” eh?

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  1. That is too damn funny. It does not really surprise me though. The Magic of Bill is taking old code and making people believe it is new code.

    Somewhat related, here is some video demonstrating new features in Windows Visa while Bill discusses them. For those of you out there that have ever strayed from the PC world, you may notice that the features are being demonstrated on a Mac.


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