Call to arms – first tech-support post on the forums!

Well, I must admit that the response to my forums (and site in general) has been even weaker than I was expecting 🙁

Tonight, after about a week online, we got our first post (from Mrs. Peel) regarding a Choose Wisely mode problem. I have no idea what is going on with that problem, so I need to call-in you other collectors and get this thing rolling!

Let’s get some DIY electronics/hardware-hack things posted too. I know how much everyone in the pinball circles loves enhancing things and working-around poorly-designed gizmos in our machines! I chose a fully-featured forum system which should be easy to use to post technical write-ups/etc., but please let me know if I need to enable something or make a change to make it more useful.

And, as a final reminder, the forums are NOT just for Indiana Jones – please, chat about any game and remember there are arcade-video forums too!

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