Electronics Retro Computing

Retro 8 bit BASIC computer is a blast from the past

Retro Computer System runs BASIC
Get in the computer time machine and travel back to the days of a simple computer that’s programmed in BASIC and boots in under 1 second. Or, you can buy the Retro Computer System.


Tip: Leopard won’t quit with IMAP

Apple Logo
I recently setup several IMAP accounts in Leopard’s and noticed that when I tried to quit Mail, it would “hang”. This seems to be a common problem and I found a fix which may work for you too.

Electronics Retro Computing

Build your own FPGA based Amiga 500 clone

An Amiga 500 designed in an FPGA
The Amiga 500 was one of the very popular “non-IBM” choices back in the day thanks to its great selection of games powered by then-cutting-edge graphics chips and incredible stereo sound processors. If you long for the days of the Amiga and have a desire to build a project, this open-source hardware design might just what you need!


The Coolest FireFox Tip You Didn’t Know

FireFox logo
I found this FireFox goodie some time ago and find it immensely handy. However, even though I work around dozens of computer nerds, it seems to be a trick nobody knows about.

Hardware Linux

Cheap, low power mobo+CPU for Linux/etc.

Tux, the Linux mascot
Here’s a $60 board and CPU combo that could be useful if you’re looking to build a low-powered home network server or web-surfing terminal.