Cheap, almost perfect iPad case

iPad and the case side by side
Showing the size of the iPad compared to the case

It seems that nearly anything with the word “iPad” on it commands a price premium, including carrying cases. Well, I found an alternative case that is nearly perfect for the iPad and it costs less than $15!

I was down my my local MicroCenter last night and figured I’d stop-in and see what they have. Those of you with Fry’s stores nearby don’t know how lucky you are. MicroCenter comes close, but still…

Anyway, I wanted a carrying case for my new iPad and I had read that you could use the netbook carrying cases and save quite a bit of money. So, once in MicroCenter, I went to their Apple section and grabbed an “iPad case” and proceeded to the massive shelf piled with dozens and dozens of netbook/laptop cases.

After a bit of digging and thinking about what I wanted, I avoided one of the fully featured “mini laptop” bags as that defeats the purpose of the iPad. Plus, there aren’t any ports/etc. on the iPad to speak of, so I figured there’d be little reason to haul a bunch of crap around in the bag.

Thus, I opted for a more slimline type sleeve/case. There were several to choose from in the 7-10 inch “netbook” range which would work for the iPad. However on my way to the checkout, I noticed one last case that made me dump the neoprene sleeve – and it was $5 cheaper!

I found a black nylon Case Logic 7-10.2″ netbook case with bonus hard drive case. The actual case the iPad goes into is made from a tasteful black nylon cloth (like a suitcase) with a couple “leather” accents which actually look decent. The case is lightly padded (probably 1/8″ or so foam) and almost fits as though it were made for the iPad. It’s a bit taller than the iPad (maybe 0.75 inches) but nothing really noticeable. And, even with the InCase rubber protector I’ve got on my iPad, you can easily slide it into the case because the zipper goes almost all the way around the top and one side.

The bonus hard drive case I figured would be handy to hold the iPad power adapter and USB cord.

Best of all this case was $14.99 retail at MicroCenter and it’s even cheaper at Amazon ($12.99 as of writing this)! For comparison, the cheap neoprene iPad sleeve I was using for sizing in the store was $29.99!!!

I’m very happy with this case, it’s fit, and just how it feels. With the solid, weighty iPad inside, it fits in your hand like a small text book. Oh, and it’s about as thick as the iPad AC adapter when zipped shut with the iPad inside.

4 thoughts on “Cheap, almost perfect iPad case”

  1. If you buy cheap you buy twice that case is terrible man much better ones on eBay when you spend big on your iPad at least buy a nice case for it.peace

  2. I don’t see myself buying a replacement for this. Why would you think that I need to replace this with something from eBay? This is sewn very nicely, fits well (with some empty space in each end which will act as padding should it ever get dropped) and feels very nice to hold IMO.

    I agree with the “get something good” rather than “cheap” and I would not have bought this simply if it were cheap — it is also good.

  3. Wow! You’re right – thanks, Nina. For $1.99, it’s a no-brainer and even if you don’t love it, it’s only $2…

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