Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-29

Weekly Twitter Update
Weekly Twitter Update
  • Weed eaters are one of my top ten annoying sounds possible on the planet… #
  • Anyone else get tired of people who follow you, (for obvious marketing purposes) but obviously don't read anything you type? Gonna unfollow! #
  • Wow Florida style rain here in Colorado! #
  • Imaging my new used Series 2 TiVo drive to a new 320GB. Finally gonna retire the trusty Series 1 after 7 years. #
  • Argh… I've got about 10 books here on Amazon that I'm interested in and would buy for the Kindle if the price of the reader was reasonable #
  • Crazy thought but will Michael Jackson be another Elvis where people think it's a hoax and see him at gas stations and other places? #
  • New TiVo drive is installed and I'm bringing it up now. Felt odd to remove my Series 1 after 8 years. #
  • Awesome weather in CO today and no signs of the daily storms… yet. #
  • RT @ freeiphoneapps RIP Billy Mays. He was the only human that was allowed to speak entirely in CAPS LOCK. 🙁 #
  • hahaha Sneak 80oz of beer into concerts and sporting events in the Beer Belly #
  • RT @OrlandoUpdates: PHOTO UPDATE: Gaylord Palms (this place is incredible; you have to see it if you haven't already!) #
  • MAKE Controller & I/O board via @YoTwits #
  • I hate waiting to get a haircut. 25 minutes down the drain. #
  • Beer holster is perfect for 4th of July, BBQ, or whatever. Funny idea. #
  • Just put 6GB in my Penryn Macbook Pro. Did hardcore geek-fu and hacked the SPD EEPROM on one of the sticks cuz Apple doesn't handle diff. #
  • Awwww yeah. Plenty of room for running a VM, FireFox, and other goodies now on the MBP! #
  • Lol for being "illegal" I can count at least 10 diff spots shooting aerial fireworks just looking out bedroom window. #

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