Slow(er) posting for a while – I’m going to Disney World

Going to Disney World tomorrow
Going to Disney World tomorrow

Time for a couple weeks of real living, away from the other part of life known as work…

I know, I know… I haven’t been posting a lot lately. It’s a number of factors mainly stemming from a job that siphons every bit of life and excitement out of me every day, leaving nothing left for hobbies and other fun stuff.

But anyway, I’m leaving for a week in Walt Disney World and also week in Bonita Springs, FL tomorrow. I jumped on the WDW “buy 4 get 3 free” special and am staying at a “deluxe resort” because the nearly half-price special is the only way I’m gonna be able to stay in a $300+/night resort! Naturally, my first choices were the Contemporary and then the Polynesian, since both are on the monorail, but both were full. So, I did the best I could and grabbed the Yacht Club since it’s walking distance to Epcot.

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