Add web access to your electronic projects and hacks

Add a web interface to your electronics projects easily and inexpensively
Add a web interface to your electronics projects easily and inexpensively

Easily and cheaply add a web-page interface to your next hacked gadget or microcontroller project with these simple, pre-built modules.

More and more devices in our everyday lives are connected to a network. It used to be that it was just MIT nerds who were hacking their dorm Coke machine to report the temperatures and remaining cans via a webpage. Today, things have changed. Many homes have some sort of network installed. There are network connected security cameras, network connected weather stations, and much more.

However, getting a device on a TCP/IP network is not trivial. You have to have a software stack and lots of other things that frankly have kept me from ever building a project which could communicate over the network.

Enter the EZ Web Lynx modules. These are compact, inexpensive modules which will allow your various homebrew electronic projects to have their own webpage to report data or even control things. The modules are available in 3.3v and 5v versions, so they’ll work with nearly any common microcontroller no matter whether you prefer AVR, PIC, Renesas, Rabbit, or even old school 6502 if that’s how you roll.

The modules have digital/analog inputs thanks to their on-board controllers and make it trivial to connect sensors to monitor the deep freezer in your basement or the kegerator in your garage. Of course, if your project is more ambitious, you can feed the appropriate signals into the modules via your microcontroller – no TCP, HTML, or other complicated stuff required.

Check-out the EZ Web Lynx modules — they start around $50 each, but drop very quickly in price if you can order a small quantity with some friends in the local robot club (or MIT nerd dorm 😉 )

One thought on “Add web access to your electronic projects and hacks”

  1. hi

    i am looking for the eathernet connector i wich i can use it with the microcontroller such as pic16f883 , can i use the device as workstation ? and give ip address ? like normal network ?

    please provide me the price for test 10 peices and how i can buy it



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