Time to clean the fridge – working in an all male office

When you’re in an office filled with computer nerd guys, the refrigerator is bound to grow a moldy nugget or two here and there. What do you do when you find an especially furry food nugget?
I often make what I call the “Two buck challenge” to people. Such a challenge is often centered around eating something especially disgusting in return for a trivial amount of my money. Yeah, I’m basically looking for someone to voluntarily become a tool for a laughable amount of cash.

However, most of my challenges are actually doable. For example, I might offer $2 to eat a can of seasoning at a restaurant, or perhaps drink a half glass of fat drippings from some meat. Pleasant? No. Possible? Yes.

However, take a look at this ancient relic of a sandwich that a friend found in the fridge at his all-male office. I think there’s more mold than sandwich, but who can tell?

Moldy sandwich eating challenge

So, when this sandwich was found by one office dweller, they made a variant of the two-buck challenge, but adjusted to try to compensate for the exceptionally disgusting food involved. As you can see from this board, the stakes have been raised and several people from the office decided to chip-in and boost the reward pot so that any mold-munching freak might actually make a decent pile of coin.

Moldy sandwich challenge rewards
Moldy sandwich challenge rewards

Did anyone take the challenge? Sadly, no. The sandwich remains, bordering between life in this world and in the next, much more moldy, decaying afterlife. Are you up for the challenge?

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