Indiana Jones home theater is possibly the coolest ever!

Indiana Jones themed home theatre
Rather than building the typical home theater with the usual big puffy recliners and movie theater-like look, this couple decided to go all-out and build a completely Indiana Jones themed room. They have chosen wisely…

It’s not secret that I love the Indiana Jones movies and even have owned a few pieces of the IJ merchandise (for example, the pinball machine I link to on the left). However, this goes way above and beyond anything I’ve ever even though to do!

Rather than blowing exorbitant amounts of cash on the questionably “best” AV equipment, this couple decided to theme the entire room to look like something right out of the Indiana Jones set. The walls are made to look like stone blocks and various props are sprinkled about to give the full Indiana Jones experience. All three movies have some sort of representation in the room and who knows what they’ll add when Indy 4 is finally released (please, let’s hope it IJ4 doesn’t suck!)

Of course, the 18×12 foot room is filled with what most of us would consider “high end” audio and video equipment, as any “home theater” should be. There’s a NEC HT1000 projector, Control4 Home Theater Controller, and presumably more audio and video equipment than I’ve owned in my life. There is even a special lighting control system to create that perfect viewing environment when you’re done looking at the theming and finally want to watch a movie.

Check-out a couple of the photos below and head to Home Theater to see the full write-up and slideshow.

Indiana Jones themed home theatre

Indiana Jones themed home theatre

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