Amazing robot with perfect balance

The Murata Boy bicycle riding balancing robot
Able to balance perfectly on only two wheels, you have to see the videos to appreciate just how cool this is!

I had been seeing a few posts for this “Murata Boy” bicycle riding robot on some of the tech sites I frequent. I looked at the photos and thought that it might be neat, but ultimately, I was envisioning the old Evil Kineval gyroscopic motorcycle toy I had as a child and figured it was nothing worth looking into. Then, I found some videos of it and was able to appreciate the precision and control which this robot exhibits even while not moving.

As if that’s not enough, it appears to operate the bicycle using a vision system where it can discern the path it wants to ride along and then steer the bike to follow it. You can observe the balancing mechanism in the chest especially well in two of the videos.

Anyway, watch the videos below and appreciate the Murata Boy bicycle riding robot for yourself.

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