New style roller coaster offers Superman like thrills

A new style flying roller coaster
Not only does this steel coaster have the usual ups, downs, banked turns, loops and all of that good stuff, but it also has a cool design that puts the riders out to the side of the car where they can feel as though they’re flying.

While this design is not totally new, it’s definitely not common and this is the first non test-track version I’ve seen.

The track is fairly standard. What is unique is the design of trains. Each rider’s seat is positioned on a bar that extends out of either side of the coaster car. This gives the rider the feeling that they are suspended in free air for extra excitement.

However, the design goes another step further. Each set of seats can be rotated at various points around the track allowing the rider to be positioned so that they are diving head-first, backwards, or whatever the designer desires. This is accomplished via a smaller guide-track along which a wheel rides and is connected to the rotation mechanism on the seat bars. By varying the level of the guide-track in relation to the main track, the seat rotational position is determined.

It’s a really cool idea and I hope to ride one of these someday. Below you’ll find a video and you can also check-out this site for more photos.

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