Home-built OLED wristwatch that plays Pong

Home-built OLED microcontroller watch that plays Pong by itself
This cool project combines an OLED (organic LED) display, some clever programming, careful casing design, and a great idea to create the self-playing Pong wristwatch.

I have not worn a watch in years, but I have to admit, I might wear this OLED Pong watch that somebody built from scratch. It uses a PIC microcontroller, a tiny screen, a small battery to fit into the final case. However, the creator documented his build process showing the breadboarding stage, the design of the various enclosures, and all kinds of neat stuff.

Here is a movie of the final version in action:

I must say that the end result is very cool. The watch style enclosure looks very professional (I guess having access to CNC equipment will do that ;)) and the appearance of the OLED screen with the constant motion, in addition to the time of day, is almost mesmerizing. The only caveat with the watch is that it must be charged every day due to the high current draw from the small battery.

You can do lots with microcontrollers and a bit of creativity! Check-out the Build Log or jump straight to the close-ups of the internal construction.

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