Taking blinking LEDs to the third dimension

Photo of the Hypnocube
Take 64 multi-color LEDs and solder them into a cube shape and what do you get?

Run from a PIC18F4620, the Hypnocube kits drive up to 64 RGB LEDs which are soldered into a 4×4 cube-shaped array. Each LED can be color-shifted or blinked in many pre-determined patterns which results in a pretty interesting display. It’s somewhat like a futuristic version of a lava lamp!

Here is a sample video.

More videos are available on the Hypnocube website. Kits are around $170 and pre-built models are $380, both depending on options, which seems a bit high for what ultimately is just going to sit on your desk and blink. However, it’s a neat idea and probably one that would make a fun microcontroller project.

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