Modern day mummies?

The Abu Simbel tomb
A university president built a serious time capsule over 65 years ago. Only 6,107 years to go before it can be opened.

For some reason, I’ve always thought the idea of time capsules was interesting. Perhaps is because I’ve always been fascinated with ancient Egyptian tombs, Indiana Jones, and all of that good stuff.

So, when I read about a seriously-built time capsule in Georgia, I was intrigued. This is not your usual time capsule where a bunch of high school kids duct-taped a garbage can shut after filling it with yearbooks and other assorted teen junk.

No, this time capsule is built underground with a stainless steel vault door welded shut to protect the 20×10 foot waterproof crypt behind it. The room is filled with all kinds of goodies from circa 1936, so it’s already pretty “ancient” as far as most people would be concerned. However, the creator hopes to keep the vault sealed until the year 8113.

He hopes to keep the tomb un-raided with a plaque above the door that appeals to would-be robber’s sense of decency: it asks them to leave the room untouched until the official opening day.

I’m guessing that most crypt-robbers are not going to be affected by such moral pleas, but I guess it’s about all you can do. Best of luck on the interesting project I say!

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