Should people this stupid really be playing poker?

Wad of cash called a poker-roll
If you cannot figure-out how to make a “cash roll” yourself, should you really be playing poker for real cash?

I remember as a kid, oh, probably at about 8 years old, how I’d convert any money I had into $1 bills so that I could feel “rich”. I’d stuff the 10 or so bills into my wallet and marvel at how wonderful that giant wad of cash looked.

Fast forward to today.

Apparently, people today aren’t smart enough to figure-out how to make an “impressive” wad of cash without accessing the internet. Here is the proof. Oh yeah, I guess it’s now called a “poker roll” or “gangsta wad”.

Yes, you read that correctly – someone took the time to document how to use a rubber band from a bunch of broccoli to hold folded money allowing you to flash what appears to be thousands of dollars next time you sit-down at the local poker gathering.

Run forth with your new knowledge and impress the world! Whip-out your gargantuan gangsta wad at the local grocery store! Impress the high-school kids working at Target with your behemoth broccoli-banded poker roll. Your poker buddies will tremble in fear!

Maybe this really is the internet that Al Gore invented… 😉

One thought on “Should people this stupid really be playing poker?”

  1. Sweet! Now if I just had a better J-O-B to get me some of that ‘folding crimp’

    The shear stupidity of the general public amazes me.

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