Home-built indoor rideable roller-coaster

Home built roller-coaster
I’ve always wanted to build something like this, but alas, I don’t have any spare warehouses or other large spaces just sitting around…

Random surfing netted me this interesting tidbit today. Some Italian artists have built themselves an indoor, full working and rideable roller-coaster. Sadly there are not that many photos and definitely no movies but you can get a pretty good idea what they’ve done.

Unlike many so-called roller-coasters that people build, which are either un-rideable or basically just a hill and 10 feet of track, this one is a full circuit with several hills and banked turns. It appears to be build with standard wood and possible PVC pipe for the rails, but it’s hard to tell (and I don’t know if PVC pipe would be a good choice to use as track). Whatever it’s actually built from, they’ve done a pretty good job making a cool ride.

I must say that the duck shirt the guy is wearing in the close-up is pretty odd and the translation of “the cow of our grandmother” is funny – although it’s much better than my Italian!

I’ve often thought it’d be cool to have my own indoor ride of some type. I’ve got a large, open basement but the ceiling is certainly not high enough to build anything that goes more than a foot or two off the ground. If only I had a spare warehouse… 😉

Oh yeah, if you know of any other home-built amusement rides which are worth mentioning, please let me know!

One thought on “Home-built indoor rideable roller-coaster”

  1. Do you have any contact info for the indoor rideable roller coaster? I would like to inquire on costs for possible rental or purchase.

    Also, if you know of anyone, hopefully in Southern California that has one of those scale kiddie trains with portable tracks that you sit on Im looking for one of those too.


    Allan Hale
    L.A. Partyworks
    P: 626-305-6655
    F: 626-305-6659

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