Billionaires need budgets too!

Larry Ellison's yacht
Who would have thought that a multi-billionaire needs to watch his $1.35B credit limit?

Ahh, the hassles of being a multi-billionaire…

Apparently, Larry Ellison, the bad-boy CEO of Oracle, likes to spend even more than you’d tend to think. Of course, most people know about his lavish Asian-style mansion in the very expensive Silicon Valley town of Woodside, but that’s just not enough. Larry has expensive tastes and seems to enjoy collecting million-dollar mansions elsewhere around the world, America’s Cup boats, and even giving lavishly to charities. Oh yeah, that’s on top of the $20M per year in “miscellaneous living expenses.”

1) Life Style — annual $20m
2) Interest Accrual — annual $75m
3) Villa in Japan — $25m
4) New Yacht — $194m — over 3 yrs
5) America’s Cup — $80m — over 3 yrs
6) UAD — 12m over 3 yrs.”

I don’t intend to say that his spending is wrong in any way — after all, if we all didn’t enjoy spending money, we would not need to spend our lives working. However, for most people, $1 billion dollars would be “I can have nearly everything I want” for someone like Ellison, it’s no more than a couple months of pay are to you and I. Amazing.

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