Who’s eating my sharks?

This is a bit off-topic for my usual postings, but who knew that a certain species of octopus will eat sharks?

I just stumbled across this video today and thought it was cool enough to warrant a post.

Most of us generally think of sharks as being pretty much the “king of the ocean” but apparently, that’s not always the case. The keepers of the aquarium were apparently finding the carcasses of their 3 to 4 foot sharks in the bottom of the tank and didn’t know why. I guess that the new occupant of the tank, a fairly large octopus whose species is not mentioned, has a taste for shark meat!

Pretty cool to see the tables turned like that, especially by something as unusual as an octopus.

2 thoughts on “Who’s eating my sharks?”

  1. That video is cool! I looked it up and found that the octopus uses venomous saliva to kill or paralyse their victim and may inject through the eye since it weakest part of the body.

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