We’re now live!

The old geocities page has been updated with a message about moving to this new site, so hopefully there will be a few people lurking around here pretty soon to let me know if things are working 🙂

The Indiana Jones pinball section of the site is on the list for some renovating now that I’ve got things coverted-over. The info is the same as the geocities page (with one update for Luc 😉 ) but I intend to go-through the info and update things in the near future too (for example, to reflect that Williams is no longer in the pinball business).


7 thoughts on “We’re now live!”

  1. I was net-surfing and I found the geocities link to your forum. I read your statement about
    Williams no longer in business(since late 1999 I believe) and wanted to comment. You see, I
    just bought an IJ pinball from BMI Gaming and it arrived just 2 weeks ago. I wanted to do some
    modifications to it like adding the bi-plane motor, possibly motorizing the nazi fighter,
    doing the backbox lighting mods and jackpot mods. I was up til the wee hours of the morning
    on the net and finally found all the pieces I was looking for from multiple companies…
    to make this short, I found out that Pinball Heaven , located in Australia, has purchased the
    rights to build new “Williams-esque” Pinballs with their new tooling cost them over 200K.
    As much as I wish them luck, and, correct me if I am wrong as I am new to the Pinball scene,
    but it seems to me that Pinball parts are drying up all over, with no one making replacement
    parts that are easily damaged; for instance, Translites. I have looked all over, but those who were
    selling these items or were planning to reproduce them cannot because of Pinball Heaven’s
    obtaining the Lucas rights to the IJ Pinball line. I had e-mailed Pinball Heaven and I got a
    response of ” We are planning to reproduce these parts soon.” Well, I for one am excited and
    skeptical of their practices. I am excited that they are planning big things for the owners
    of 89-99 WPC pinballs, yet I am skeptical of what happened to all the other items that, since
    speaking to other un-named individuals, they are blaming the legal dept at Pinball heaven.
    I had e-mailed PH twice and both times got a very nice and timely response from them, so I am
    hoping for the best, but expecting the worst? Seriously though, I wish them the best and hope they come out with their new products ASAP! In the meantime, my search goes on for a second IJ translite. Any
    suggetions or comments are welcome! Rick.

  2. revision to earlier statement—it was the Pinball Factory, not Pinball Heaven!

  3. I can see that, if Pinball Factory has a heavy-hand on the legality, it could force the individuals, who have been supporting the hobby for years, to give it up. That would be a shame, as there are some really creative individuals out there who have made some neat enhancements for IJ and the WPC-era machines in general.

    Let’s hope that Pinball Factory chooses to play WITH the community rather than AGAINST it. The pinball collectors are a tight-nit bunch of people and will not stand for bullying. What’s the saying? “You collect more bees (money) with honey than vinegar.”

  4. I was wondering, what are the mode start and idol lock (lighting?) mods that I have been
    reading about? Also, any idea where to get a good translite? Oh , BTW, just finished installing
    my pinball pro speakers and my working biplane propeller–I hooked it up to the German
    plane’s input output LED power wires, so when the German fighter “fires” at the biplane, well, you know the rest! Much more fun now! Although the speakers were not as “mind-blowing” as advertised, even after adjustments. Some one fill me in on these questions please. –Rick

  5. Rick – this sounds like a good way to start-off the DIY hacks section of the forum. Can you please post your questions over there and let’s hope it attracts some helpful people 🙂

    Also, feel free to post on your own experiences with your speaker mod (I’ve never heard of those personally) and feel free to post on anything else that comes to mind.

  6. I own an old IJ pinball game. It hasn’t been used for several years. It is in beautiful condition but isn’t working properly now. I am having a difficult time finding someone who is willing to come out to my house to work on it. How hard is it to work on them yourself? How did you learn to fix your own machines? Thanks

  7. Laura: Well, sometimes a keen eye is all that’s required as many malfunctions in a pinball machine are purely mechanical. However, if the problem lies in the electronics, you need to learn about digital electronics. Without knowing the symptoms of your problem, I cannot comment on where to look. You might try posting in the forums. I’ll probably be the only one to reply, but this really is not an appropriate place to discuss this (in the comments section of the “We’re live!” page – not to mention the page is very old and not viewed often).


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