micsaund.com is about to go live!

It’s been a VERY long time in the making, but after over a year of paying for hosting (but not doing anything with it), I’m about to put micsaund.com online!

www.micsaund.com will be the entry-point with a blog discussing things such as pinball, arcade video games, computer games, building electronic project, technology news, etc. I’ve wanted a “general purpose” posting area for quite a while and it just did not fit-in with my dedicated Indiana Jones pinball site on Geocities (not to mention, they only gave me static HTML).

Which brings me to the actual pinball news! You will find my ex-geocities Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure page has moved with me and is available in the Game Links along the left side. Please update your sites, bookmarks, and tell your friends because I am going to delete the geocities site very soon!

Second in the “big news” department, you will notice that I have added a Pinball and Arcade Video forum to my site. The forums are linked from the blog and the IJ:TPA site for convenience. I am hoping that these forums can be put-to-use to help people with repairs, troubleshooting, buying and selling, and other pinball/video community stuff. Note that these forums are NOT just for IJ — discuss ANY arcade machine and bring your friends! I decided to create the forums since I get quite a bit of e-mail on troubleshooting IJ machines from my IJ site and I figured that a 24/7 forum full of experts would be better than just little old me πŸ˜‰

So, welcome to micsaund.com, share the word, and enjoy!


2 thoughts on “micsaund.com is about to go live!”

  1. Mike… Did u ever get your iPod on your iPhone to work.. After installing the latest version o4? If so.. What did you have to do!?

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