Computer Games Pinball

Free software lets you build your own pinball machine simulations

Future Pinball virtual pinball machine
Ever wanted to bring that imaginary pinball machine in your head to life? Well, maybe not for real, but virtually?


Macro photos of pinball machines

A macro photo of a pinball machine
Getting up close and personal with the silver ball.


Upcoming documentary shows the rise and fall of Williams’ Pinball 2000

Pinball 2000 logo
The concept to combine a monitor with a pinball machine was the idea to save pinball at Williams. It was not enough.

Electronics Fun Stuff Pinball Review

Plastic you can mold in your home for DIY projects

Shapelock 500 gram tub
Shapelock is a plastic that is made moldable with only hot water and is perfect for all kinds of do-it-yourself projects.

Electronics Pinball

Home-built Futurama pinball machine

Evan's custom Futurama pinball machine backbox
Pinball is great. Futurama is great. Home-built projects are great. Combine all three and you get a really cool result!