Macro photos of pinball machines

A macro photo of a pinball machine
Getting up close and personal with the silver ball.

A photographer named Kevin Tiell has taken some really neat photos of a bunch of pinball machines. However, these are not your normal photos – they are “macro” photos which are taken extremely close-up.

The results are certainly different and quite interesting!

One thought on “Macro photos of pinball machines”

  1. Most pinball people appreciate the “art” in pinball… the backglass, the artwork on the table & plastics.

    This brings it to a whole different level where it takes the “art of photography” and applies it to pinball. I love the pictures. It a very different photographic view than what we usually see. I especially enjoy the pictures where the pinball is in motion and yet you can still see the reflections of of it.

    Very cool.


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