Bake yourself a medieval castle cake

Castle-shaped cake mold
Let’s take a detour from the usual tech stuff and take a look at what might be called the geekiest way to bake a cake.

I like castles – a lot. Visiting ancient medieval castles in Germany and France was one of the high points of a trip to Europe I did a few years ago. Castles are generally fairly geeky things when you think about it, whether it’s because of the design and construction or because they appear in every Dungeons & Dragons and role-playing game ever made.

Well, who says you can’t get a bit geeky in the kitchen?

These castle cake molds would be something that would make kitchen-geek extraordinaire Alton Brown giddy with excitement. You can use the molds to create detailed castle-shaped cakes which are sure to be a hit at your next D&D party. If that’s not your thing, you can mold chocolate or even Jello shots in the mold.

One thought on “Bake yourself a medieval castle cake”

  1. why doesnt this site actually tell you how to bake a cake without a mould? I am doing a project for school and i was really disappointed. I think that there should be one. I was hoping there was.

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