Animated theory on the construction of the pyramids

Ancient pyramids
Today, I take a little detour from the usual tech-related stuff I think is cool to look at 3,000+ year old tech, or at least one potential theory on how it worked: how the great pyramids were constructed.

Screenshot of the theory demonstration
I’m an odd fanatic of ancient Egyptian stuff. I don’t have the history memorized, but it’s one of the few areas in historical studies I find interesting. Going to a museum to see what remains of the incredible stuff they were able to build over 3,000 years ago, without iron tools, is just incredible IMO.

So, it was with a bit of interest that read an article a friend fowarded me regarding a new theory on how the pyramids were built. Well, it’s not a new theory, but one the guy has been working on for decades, but with the recent combination of knowledge and sensor readings, it has come to light as a highly likely answer to how the massive pyramids were built.

The only problem was that the article didn’t have anything to help visualize what he was talking about. Thankfully, though, another article did have a link to the company that used 3-D tools to model the concept and it’s pretty impressive. Sadly, you need some weird plugin to play the 3-D file and that plugin crashes FireFox on my Mac, but on Windows it works fine. However, I applaud the company for making the information (and even a soundtrack) available!

If you have any interest in the ancient pyramids and/or how such ancient civilizations were able to build them, check-out the animated demo. It’s pretty cool!

[Thanks to coolest-gadgets for the animated video link]

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