DIY radio frequency remote control that’s PIC based

A DIY PIC controlled radio frequency (RF) transmitter
Using this cool project, you can interface a PIC to transmit all sorts of codes for your projects!

For all of the years I’ve been building electronic projects, I have often wished for a “plug and chug” RF circuit that I could simply stuff into my circuits to enable them for remote communication. Yeah, I’m not an analog guy, so designing such a thing is beyond me.

Well, this cool project contains the radio frequency receiver and transmitter, both of which are controlled by PIC microcontrollers. Using the PIC to encode and decode the signals means that you can do pretty much anything you need to the data incoming and outgoing, whether it’s error correction or encryption.

You can get schematics, PCB layouts, and more for both the transmitter and receiver. Both circuits are well documented with operational flowcharts and all. The RF Remote Controller is a great project and an excellent example of how to document and design circuits.

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