Using everyday ideas to print a waterfall

Photo of a waterfall
Working in much the same was as an inkjet printer, the Jeep promotional waterfall system “prints” images with water drops to create an eye-catching effect.

This particular setup (shown in the video below) uses a horizontal line of 3,000 valves with a 1,000 gallon reservoir to create the waterfall effect. Much like a printer, each valve is actuated at exactly the right time to release a drop which combined together, can display text, graphics or interesting “moving” patterns.

There are pumps and control systems in the columns on either side of the waterfall. The water is collected at the base, filtered, and returned to the valve-head at the top. Approximately 20 gallons of new water must be added per day to account for losses due to splashing and evaporation.

The technology is pretty standard stuff but the application is very creative. How cool would it be to have a job where you got to play around and invent stuff like that?

Here’s the video.

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