Go grocery shopping from a roller coaster (video)

Roller coaster drawing
No, that’s not a typo, but it’s only in China.

Since a ride junkie, this idea sounds really neat to me. A 5 story grocery store in Shenyang, China has installed a rollercoaster track that travels throughout the entire store. Shoppers board a coaster car and are automatically taken around the store where they car slowly rolled by the goods on the shelves. The shoppers reach-out and grab items they want right from the ride vehicle they’re seated in.

The only real disadvantage to this is that if you miss an item and really must have it, you need to ride around again. For me, this is actually not really a disadvantage, but for some, especially those in a hurry, it might be huge. However, I can imagine that walk-in/out convenience stores would get a real boost from those impatient shoppers.

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