Awesome animation of the inner life of a cell

A diagram of a living cell
No, this is not one of those boring videos you saw in high-school biology class.

A friend sent me this and it’s been in my inbox for a few days now as I didn’t take the time to watch it until today.

A team of Harvard faculty worked with a professional Lightwave animator to create this video depicting the inner workings of a living cell. Believe it or not, the animation is mostly accurate based upon current scientific data according to the article.

In the interest of creating a more interesting video, it sounds as though two creative liberties were taken:

  • Things were made more orderly and organized, such as the disassembly sequence. Normally, these events would be mostly random.
  • The space between the structures in the cell were expanded and excess “junk” (water, amino acids, etc.) were removed to clarify the view. Without this change, things would be too jam-packed to see anything going-on.

The video is about 3 minutes long and can be found at this site by the “Watch the video” text.

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