Video shows how CDs are manufactured

Have you ever wondered what’s involved in making that shiny disc that holds your favorite music?

I have to admit… after watching this, the process to make CDs is much more involved than I expected. I see some strong similarities to the manufacturing processes used to make semiconductors (computer chips) such as the spin-on resist/developer.

The one thing that I did not expect was that the data is actually contained on the plastic layer and not the metal layer. Like most people, I expected that CDs were “stamped” which meant that the metal was stamped with the data pattern and then bonded with the protective disc. However, the plastic disc contains the data and the metal is just for reflectivity and some protection.

No matter what, this is a super cool video showing how something we all take for granted is manufactured. It still does not explain the ludicrous prices that the recording industry demands by any means, but at least you know what your $18 is going towards.

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