Hydrogen powered BMW 7 series introduced

BMW 760i
Cruise around in style while your car only exhausts water.

I’ve often noticed that it costs much more money to be healthy, environmentally responsible, or just plain conscientous. This new BMW 7 series takes that concept to a new level.

The 7 series is no slouch – it’s a large, full-on luxury sedan which even has an option for a “protection package” (bulletproof windows and armor plating). Of course, like any large car, it has a large engine and is generally not expected to sip gasoline like your average Honda Civic.

Today, however, BMW has announced a 7 series that will run on hydrogen or gasoline. The 12 cylinder, 6 litre engine is noticeably slower than it’s standard-fueled counterpart, but not enough to disprove that hydrogen is a viable alternative. Compared to a normally fueled 760’s 0-60 time of 5.4 seconds, the hydrogen 7’s time is 9.5 seconds. That’s still pretty impressive when you consider it’s accelerating a couple tons of Germany’s finest.

The Hydrogen 7 allows the well-to-do owner to drive a car which is at home at the country club or the autobahn and feel they’re helping the environment at the same time. However, because the new car is so ultra-expensive, BMW will only lease it. If you’re looking to actually own one, you’ll have to wait.

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