The latest do-it-yourself gadget: a soda pop machine

Machine to make soda pop at home
Do you have a recipe floating around in your head that you’ve wanted to try but simply lacked the ability to make? Wait no more…

First-off, I’ve gotta say that I love pop and this gadget really caught my eye…

The Soda Club machine lets the average Joe make his own pop (or “soda” for you east-coast types) one litre at a time. Using this ingenious gadget, you can make your own tooth-rotting sugary solution and carbonate it into fresh tasting, delicious soda pop! I’m assuming that you can make a sugar-free diet type solution and carbonate that as well, but as you can see, there’s not much editorial spunk in that version.

It doesn’t appear to be any cheaper than buying 2-litre bottles at your local grocery store, as the CO2 tank alone will run you $18.99 to get refilled (unless you have a local dealer) and presumably, it’s got some weird valve on it that prevents you from refilling it for 50 cents at the local gas-supply center. However, there is a certain fun-factor involved in being able to make your own carbonated drinks.

Maybe that woman who tried to sell the Coke “secret recipe” to Pepsi lately should have published it for home users instead. 😉

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