Free online tool lets you track goals effortlessly

A target
Do you have things in life you’d like to keep track of? Trying to do (or not do) certain things more frequently?

I found a completely free online goal-tracking system that will be of interest to many people. Joe’s Goals lets you easily create good and bad goals, to which you can assign a point value, and track how often you accomplish those goals.

The system uses AJAX (or “Web 2.0” as some like to call it) to create a very responsive, gmail like experience. The simplicity of the sytem is fantastic – so much so, that you might not realize the value potential of Joe’s Goals when you first visit it. However, take a few minutes to create an account and a few goals, then begin checking the boxes as you do various things.

I’ve been using it for about a month to track exercise, eating fast food, drinking, spending, site updates and stuff like that and it’s quite handy. Thus far, I have not gotten any spam whatsoever and the update messages from the site operator are short and infrequent. I recommend that you give this a try and see if it helps you keep track of your goals and targets.

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