Crazy guy rides a mountain bike 70 MPH down a mountain

Mountain bike
As if that weren’t enough, the bike cannot take the stress and breaks, causing him to wipe-out.

I have no idea how this got the idea to blast down a steep mountainside on his mountain bike at over 70 mile per hour, but I have to think he’s just a tad crazy. You know the wheel has to be wobbling like mad at that speed and riding on even hard-packed dirt, let alone that soft looking soil, at that speed would be reasonably insane.

Well, despite the fact that the rider had the ability and luck to pull the high-speed stunt off, I guess they don’t design mountain bikes for those kinds of stresses. His bicycle breaks during one of the rides and the rider goes tumbling for a very rough landing.

3 thoughts on “Crazy guy rides a mountain bike 70 MPH down a mountain”

  1. Can I try it next? It looks like fun.

    I would like to nominate him for dumb a?? of the year. Do I hear a second.


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