A robotic chair that assembles itself

Photo of a robot
This bipolar robot likes to destroy itself and then re-build.

Wow – I cannot say that I’d ever think of building something like this, but someone came-up with the idea to build a “robotic chair“. This chair is capable of basically falling apart and then it will reassemble itself.

The details are almost non-existant, but I’m guessing that there is a human operator controlling the robot which you don’t see in the video. If the robot has some kind of vision system and auto-retrieves its pieces, that would really be a neat feat. However, the idea is still fairly interesting and represents some decent engineering.

To get the legs to lift the unit up from a flat sprawl probably involves some hefty motors with low-ratio gearboxes. The seat clamp which raises the back of the chair is pretty cool too. The entire project looks like it was probably custom machined and pretty nicely at that. There don’t appear to be any cords, so the batteries must be contained in the base. I wish there were a few more details on the innards and how the robot was built and works (like any automation provided by an on-board computer, vision system, sensors, or is the whole thing remotely controlled by a human via radio?)

I guess this is what happens when you get hobby robot builders who aren’t into arena battles and spend their time building other weird robots instead 😉

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